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Book a Private Appointment

Private coaching is for the person who wants to go Natural but may not love their Natural Hair. Frustrations are typical but I will be there to coach you through it. 

  • Coaching sessions are 1 hour.

  • One on one lesson(s) specific to your individual needs.

  • Zero interruptions, the focus is you.

  • Complete consultation during your first appointment.

  • Midway "check in" since appointments are booked in 90/120 day increments.

  • Growth or Nurture Plan- Instructions from The Hair Coach to achieve your Hair Goals. Typically emailed within 72 hours.

  • Price $90


Who would benefit?

A person that wants to Go Natural but may not know how to care for their Natural Hair. 

A person who no longer wants to wear wigs and weaves.

Grandparents, foster parents, or people caring for African American and biracial children’s hair.

Celebrities and/or people in the public eye who would like to remain anonymous.

A person who has been natural but has not been able to achieve length.

A person who does not know how to comb their Natural Hair.

Men are welcome.

Still undecided?

We should chat!

Schedule a free 15 minute consultation with The Hair Coach by completing the the form on the Contact page. For faster service include your phone number.

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