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The Coaching Membership

If you start projects often but do not finish them I recommend this route for you. With the membership you get me as your personal coach, motivation via email and LIVEs, weekly Zoom checkins, and frequent videos that show you how to nurture your hair! The Membership is designed to keep you on track with a wealth of encouragement so you will be successful achieving your natural hair goals.

The Coaching membership allows a person to learn with others and have a support system. As a member use the student forum to ask questions and chat with myself as well as others growing their natural hair. Some questions will be answered immediately and others will be addressed during our weekly “Check In” online meeting. So what will our weekly “Check In” look like? I will email you a zoom link, or a date and time that I will Live Stream from the website so we can connect. I want you to ask questions, tell me your frustrations, and most important allow me to guide you through it. You must be consistent to obtain the inches you want. I am here for you. This website was created for you.

  • Weekly online support meetings

  • Live streams of how to properly care for your hair

  • Archived videos showing you how to nurture your hair

  • Multiple opportunities throughout the week to care for your hair with me

  • Student support forum

Who would benefit?

If you start projects often but do not finish them, I recommend this option for you.

People who prefer support.

Introverts and Extroverts can benefit from this option because you can be as active as you like with your membership.

A person who has been natural but has not been able to achieve length.

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